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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Dhaka University Is More Than a Brand

The University of Dhaka has become not only a place for the most meritorious students but also a brand in Bangladesh. The university has a big role in the creation of Bangladesh. This university always takes lead in almost every political, social and economic matters of Bangladesh. Foreign students also come to Bangladesh to study at the university. 

The Significance of the University of Dhaka 
The University of Dhaka, famously known as Dhaka University in Bangladesh, is the top-ranking university in Bangladesh and abroad. The short version of Dhaka University is DU. Founded on the first day of July 1921, the oldest university in Bangladesh creates human resources that hold top positions in every sector. They are the leaders in education as well as in corporate business. 

The DU alumni include: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1st President and Father of the country); Dr Muhammad Younus (only Nobel prize winner in Bangladesh, 2006); Tajuddin Ahmad (1st Prime Minister of Bangladesh); Satyendra Nath Bose, FRS (known for his work on quantum statistics); Dr Muhammad Shahidullah (educator); Anisuzzaman (academic); Samson H. Chowdhury (former chairman of Square), Abdullah Abu Sayeed and so on. The ink of a pen can be emptied but the number of notable alumni members of the University of Dhaka will not be ended. So I have mentioned a few names. Being a student of this public research university means a huge network and more opportunities. The public and private jobs, scholarships, business opportunities are more when you study at the highest-ranking public institution in a country. The fame, quality and the alumni members keep the public university run with pride. 

A Place of Revolution: The contribution of DU at the birth of Bangladesh 
Student leaders of Dhaka University (DU) have contributed immensely to the creation of Pakistan (1947) and Bangladesh (1971). After the independence of Pakistan, the Bengali leaders have taken bold initiatives (language movement, six-point movement, 1969 Mass uprising etc.) to seek justice from the oppressive government Pakistan. They have led and participated in the movement so that the success must come. The university has emerged as the centre of the movements of the mass people. 

When the operation searchlight began in 1971, Pakistani military targeted and raided at the University of Dhaka (main hub for all political struggles & subsequent movements) and its dormitories at first (1971 Dhaka University massacre). The Pakistani prime leaders and its military knew that most directions and movements of the former East Pakistan that went against them were coming from the teachers and students of the university. 

After the nine-month of liberation war, a child was born in 1971. We have named the child as (officially) the People's Republic of Bangladesh. A developing country (Bangladesh) in South Asia is now trying to develop its condition from the bottomless basket to a developed nation. The University of Dhaka is always a part of the country.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Education in South Asian Nations at the time of Coronavirus

The number of student in South Asia is growing. Some countries like Bangladesh have the opportunity termed demographic dividend. Demographic dividend causes a boost in productivity (economic) that happens when there are growing numbers of people in the workforce (the working-age population from 15 to 64) relative to the number of dependents (the non-working-age population - 14 or younger & 65 or older). 

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Motivation from the Minister of Education Nowfel

Motivation & Advice from Deputy Minister of Education (Bangladesh) Barrister Nowfel

No profession should be looked down upon. I made burgers at the restaurant and I also did security work, said the Deputy Minister of Education (Bangladesh) Barrister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury (commonly known as Nowfel). Barrister Nowfel made the remarks in front of students at the gymnasium grounds of MA Aziz Stadium in Chittagong. Speaking to the students at the event, he recalled his educational life.

Barrister Nowfel did these things when he went abroad for his higher education. He completed Law and Anthropology degree from the London School of Economics in England. Barrister Nowfel is a Bangladeshi politician from Awami League. He is a Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Education. ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, a famous Awami League politician and ex- the mayor of Chattogram, is his father.

For achieving education, you have to do hard work, Nowfel said. No work is trivial if it is done for noble purposes. While in the university, he did three jobs including burger cooking in restaurants & security work. According to him, there was no shame in these jobs and it is normal in abroad. But in our country, the situation is different. "I do not hesitate to say that I have done these things there," he said. I'm not ashamed of it because I do not consider any work small. Some bus drivers earn a lot at the present time but many MBA graduated students do not get paid well in this economy. So at the end of education, I think the idea of ​​getting a big job is a narrow idea. We have to get rid of this mentality. It is better to live the life of ordinary people by completing education. There is no shame in that.

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