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Monday, 3 February 2020

How to Prepare for Scholarships & Higher Education Abroad

How to Prepare for Scholarships and Higher Studies Abroad? My Journey to the University Admission & Scholarship 

After receiving my Honors and Master's degree in Social Welfare department from Dhaka University, I joined as a Research Assistant (RA) in Access to Information (A2I) program of ICT Division of Bangladesh government since 2015. Most of my friends are then preparing for the government job (BCS). However, some people knew that I never intended to be employed in a traditional govt job in Bangladesh. Since my father died in 2014, it was not possible for me to study at home to get a job like BCS and there was none in my family to support me financially. 

Saturday, 1 February 2020

How Have I Got DAAD Scholarship? My Recent Experience

How Can You Receive Fully Funded DAAD Scholarship? My Recent Experience 

I am going to share my own experience to let you know the method and process of DAAD Scholarship programs so that you can apply, receive  and complete your higher education in the European country, Germany with funding. I always had an ambition for higher studies abroad. After completing my undergrad and graduation (2014), I worked as a researcher to develop my research knowledge. 

In 2017 (June), I made my first application to the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (PPGG) DAAD scholarship in Germany. It was for the two year Master's Program on Public Policy and Good Governance. In this scholarship, you have to apply to any two out of the prescribed eight programs in 8 universities.
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