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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Writing Task 2: Cambridge 13 IELTS Test 4

"In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this case?"

By Cambridge 13 IELTS Academic Test 2 & Writing Task 4 (Sample) Answer

Although there have been significant improvements made in the agricultural sector, a large number of people in the world are out of food and water.
Lack of proper distribution of resources is one of the major issues behind the hunger issue. A tiny number of people in the world are in possession of most wealth.  Amartya Sen said that feminine in Bangladesh occurred due to the lack of distribution in 1974. The government of Bangladesh always keeps a large amount of money for agriculture development that includes loan, subsidies. However, the fruits go to the hand of local politicians and administrators. The price of essential goods goes higher in most cases because there is little control over the market.

Middlemen and politicians always get the benefits and mass people are the victims. Farmers don’t find their fair price and customers in the market buy the products at an extra price. In Africa and some countries in Asia face long term disputes and war which hamper normal distribution and transaction process. Greed, power politics and the international game keep people hungry whether the country has plenty of foods or not.

The United Nations has also taken a giant initiative called sustainable development goals to remove hunger from the world. All nations should follow the goals and maintain good governance. If corruption and mismanagement are lessened, the distribution of resources will be implemented effectively and efficiently. Moreover, general people ought to be conscious about their rights which make them alert and empowered to keep their government accountable. 

Writing Task 2: Cambridge 13 IELTS Test 3

“Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today’s world, subjects like science and technology are more important than history.”
By Cambridge 13 IELTS Academic Test 2 & Writing Task 3 (Sample) Answer

Every subject has its significance in its own way. According to some people, history is regarded as one of the most important disciplines in educational institutes. Nowadays, others believe science and technology-oriented subjects are more important. These will brief
People make the same mistakes again and again but they should not. By studying history, we could learn the past incidents and accidents which our previous generation made. For instance, if anyone studies the battle of Palashi, he will understand the actual reasons for the king’s Shiraj Uddula’s defeat. The king did not lose because of the British East India Company. He was lost due to a conspiracy of his own people. Pupils have the opportunities to know the experience of the past and understand the present and are ready for the future. Without history knowledge, we will not be complete.

In the present era, we cannot think of a day without technologies. Science and technology make the day to day jobs easier. If we don’t possess the knowledge of information and communication technology, we will be in the last position in the economic competition of the world. The modern invention in medical research and other sectors are possible because of ICT. The government and other private organizations cannot protect themselves from cyber-attack, data theft without modern technological education.

In conclusion, I opine that both subjects are important because students need for their future. In most universities, discipline like CSE, EEE keep history courses for their student development. 

Writing Task 2: Cambridge 13 IELTS Test 2

“Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.”
By Cambridge 13 IELTS Academic Test 2 & Writing Task 2 (Sample) Answer

A number of people think that now we have lots of options in our life. In present modern life, people can choose easily due to technological advances, advanced research and so on.
In my opinion, I agree with the above statement because we have already found many opportunities. With the invention of modern science and technology and innovative research, we can obtain and learn so many things in a short time. If I consider the education sector as an example, we see a revolution in the sector. Teachers and students can get their required books and materials easily and quickly. They can apply in several countries for higher studies sitting in their home. The Internet is available and wifi gets cheaper. Information flow is everywhere. If anyone lacks any skills he/ she can achieve the quality by taking a course in edx or Coursera or other educational websites that provide quality education freely or with little cost. Students have the freedom to find their aim in life since they can get advice and a motivational speech from YouTube. In the digital era, any person gets so many opportunities which are not possible in the past. 

In some cases, so many options can make people confused. Some experts also believe that we have got limited choices in our life because our choices are influenced by social media and/ or commercial advertisements and/ or politicians.

To conclude, it can be said that economic development and technological advancement allows us to choose among numerous options. However, we do have a limitation as we are the human being.  We are being told to what to do or not to do by someone else. We need to be careful with our choices. 

Writing Task 2: Cambridge 13 IELTS Test 1

Question: "Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems."

By Cambridge 13, IELTS Test 1 & Writing Task 2 (Sample) Answer 

Residing in a foreign country where a person has to speak the country’s local language which is not his / her mother tongue can lead to both social and practical difficulties.
In my opinion, the statement is very true. Language is not just a spoken expression of people. It also contains culture, history and so on. Learning a second and/ or third language requires extra time and dedication and people cannot always grasp the inner meaning of some words of a foreign language. Generally, people don’t have enough time and resources to learn a language. If they find the way, they may not have the capacity to process what they have learned. Mass people have limitation and they are not supermen. After gaining knowledge of a foreign language, he/ she cannot fully apply in practice. If a person makes a one pronunciation mistake or grammatical error it may change the whole meaning and it will embarrass him/ her. In some cases, they may be bullied for their alien accent.

However, if we look in a positive aspect, it can expand our friendships. Some foreigners living in the area understand the situation and they may help you with their language and it enriches your language learning skills. Some research finds that learning more languages helps our brainpower.

For several reasons, people abide in a foreign country. However, it can be an opportunity or an awkward situation for the person who lives abroad. To avoid the day to day problems, the person must learn how to use the local language and it will help in many ways.

This sample answer will be helpful for your writing test. If you want any modifications for the answer, please recommend the changes in the comment box. We will see.