Decision Making Process is Easy!

Decision-Making Steps are Easy!

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The decision is everywhere. Some decisions are easy and some are not.

However, we can follow some steps which are articulated by some experts.

Step 1:

At first, we have to figure out what the problem is and why we should make a decision. If we go to the doctor and cannot tell the doctor about our difficulties, the doctor will not understand the problem and may not be able to prescribe the medicine.

If a company loses sales of one of its products, the management will try to find out the causes or problems.

Also if we can't participate in the online class or online exam properly due to weakness of mobile or laptop. Then our problem lies in the speed of our mobile or computer. The speed or effectiveness has declined and we have understood the issue and hence we can solve our problem.

Now, all we have to do is buy a mobile with which we can participate in online classes or exams in a good way.

The first step is always to find the problem but what are the problems? Problems can vary depending on the company.


Step 2:

The second step is to find out which criteria are important for solving the problem. For example, when buying a mobile, we take into account the processor, RAM, the display size of the mobile, the quality of the camera, the battery capacity, the brand value, etc.


Step 3

We need to give these criteria a value. All the criteria are not equally important for making a decision. Generally, we buy a mobile for our purposes.

If we want to buy a mobile for an online class or official work, then we have to look at the processor, RAM speed, display size, battery capacity etc. In this case, we will give the importance to the processor> the battery > the display size. Now if we want to buy a mobile to make a video or take pictures then we will give the importance to the camera quality then the memory then the battery life etc.

Step 4

In the fourth stage, you have to come up with various alternative solutions or a list of preferences.  We should not list too many options in this case. Otherwise, it may take time to make a decision. We can specify some companies according to our objectives like some specific criteria.


Step 5

You need to analyze your options or alternatives. To get the maximum benefits, you have to check meticulously.


Step 6

Select the best option from all the alternative you have. You may select Walton phone because it is in your budget and this product is ‘made in Bangladesh’.


Step 7

Implement the choice that you have taken. Go to the shop or place the order on an eCommerce site to buy your mobile or laptop.


Step 8

You need to evaluate your decision where your decision is right or wrong. For example, after buying a mobile phone, we check the sound quality, headphone, pictures and video quality. We also call our friends to check the strength of the network.  


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