Monday, 4 May 2020

All Materials of Bangladesh Studies and Emergence of Bangladesh Courses

The post has been written to collect and arrange all the relevant and useful information (updated) for the students who want to learn about Bangladesh and its economy, politics, society, environment, history. Courses like ‘Bangladesh Studies’ and the ‘History of the Emergence of Bangladesh’ are made compulsory by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC). 

Bangladesh Studies’ and ‘ the Emergence of Bangladesh’ Courses  - All Materials and links

Most books in Bangladesh don’t cover recent data on these courses (the emergence of Bangladesh or the history of Bangladesh, Bangladesh studies 1 and Bangladesh studies 2). Therefore, save and bookmark the post for future reference and studies. 


Bangladesh: Introducing as a Developing Country (Basics)

Government of Bangladesh 

Foreign Policy of Bangladesh 

Economy & the Challenges of Bangladesh 

Development & the Challenges of Bangladesh 

Health Sector in Bangladesh 

History of Bangladesh 

Urban Development & Rural Development of Bangladesh 

Important Questions – VVI Frequently Asked Questions 

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