Saturday, 2 May 2020

How Is Germany Successful in Fighting Against Covid 19?

Germany is successful in fighting against Covid 19. Germany has a lower death rate for coronavirus than that of most comparable developed nations. Many developed countries have failed to win against COVID 19. The Government of Germany has now decided to open small shops. Moreover, it is planning to open schools and colleges. So we want to know their success stories and their magic formula.

How Is Germany Successful Fighting Against Coronavirus?
Now most media and political analysts are trying to figure it out the main reasons:

Sensible and Futuristic Leadership
There is no one factor is behind this big success but sensible and futuristic leadership is one of the big factors that bring success. The speech of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, regarding coronavirus, was very positive and realistic. She didn't hide information or gamble (like Donald Trump) the life of people on the basis of magic and luck. She told the truth about the danger. She told that the situation was alarming and you will be panicked. From 60 % to 70% of German people could be infected by the virus. In this situation, we will have to win and we will win.

The leaders from both government and the opposition party have played a positive role. Actually didn't act like the crazy leaders who to seek the conspiracy theory and blame the opposition leader or their enemies. They act together and take actions together. Administration and bureaucracy perform the activities efficiently and effectively. 

German politicians have done the work with utmost responsibility because they are sensitive and think about their people. They are doing it by consulting and working with the professionals and researchers. 

Just think about the example of a leader called Thomas Schäfer. Thomas Schäfer, the finance minister of the German state of Hesse committed suicide due to the worry and stress from the COVID-19 pandemic and the huge expectations (financial aid) of the population.

Economic strength and System 
German leaders futuristic and they can predict. They put a strong lockdown at an early state. The government didn't have to worry about its economy. It has initiated a plan and system for funding for the workers and labours. The government also give benefits to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. It has also provided a loan without interest. 

The shops also provide foods and other stuff at a discounted price. 

Strong Healthcare
Germany has been testing many people and they have more confirmed covid 19 cases. Individual hospitals, clinics and laboratories, instead of relying on tests from a single government resource are given facilities and resources to handle the crisis. 

Germany has more ICU beds compared to many developed countries. The country has a strong healthcare system which can test so many people for coronavirus. Germany also has so many doctors, nurses and laboratories & testing facilities where huge people (potential patient) can take service at a time. 

The general people are aware and educated. They also did not have to worry. 

Think before you act and you will not regret. The country made lessons and guidance for the rest of the world which should follow the proven steps.

How is your country performing? Tell us in the comment section.


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