Political Impacts of Coronavirus on the South Asian Nations

The coronavirus has laid its footmark directly or indirectly on the economic, social and political ground. The pandemic has far-reaching consequences since Covid 19 spreads around the world quickly. Putting every single field is at risk, it has been dominating media headlines. 

At first, top leaders around the world including Donald Trump did not consider coronavirus as a serious matter. That is why USA, Italy and Spain are paying a huge price. In the Game of Throne TV show, John Snow tried to make people believe the danger of white walkers and upcoming long winter but general people did not believe until they saw it.

Political Impacts of Corona virus on the Politics & Administration in South Asian Countries 

Political Activities 
Regular political activities like meeting, procession, election, club activities are not held. Three organs of the government (Parliament, Executive and judiciary) do limited tasks regularly and the governments also conduct video conferencing for the safety concern. However, governments are taking measures to initiate a special budget and make policy for the poor and businessmen. 

Many local political leaders including ministers, MPs, mayors, and the chairman didn’t take precautionary action. Furthermore, they failed to raise public awareness and some people are still roaming outside. 

Ignorance and Superstition 
In India, the video of Union Minister Ramdas Athawale went viral because of his chants - 'Go Corona, Go Corona' as if he was sending the coronavirus back from India. 

Some religious leaders have also declared that corona virus will not touch any believers. The problem is that political leaders could not stop them early from spreading wrong information. 

Image-building of government officials 
Police and other security agencies of developing countries (of south Asia) face image crisis due to red tapes and corruption. But in the corona crisis, these forces are risking their lives to protect the people. Moreover, police and army personnel are involved in distributing foods and other essential items to the poor and needy people. 

People in South Asia don’t generally trust their politician so these politicians should rebuild their image for the people and their political career. 

Due to the lockdown, the right of free movement and travel is strictly hampered. People cannot go out without any emergency need. 

That is why the government and some political parties try to provide foods to helpless people. The government also gives responsibilities to the local government bodies and filed administration to carry out such activities smoothly. 

Corruption & Mismanagement 
Governments in South Asian nations are providing food and other essential goods for the poor people but the needy people cannot bring the relief home properly. It is a matter of shame that various political leaders have plundered relief products in a time of crisis. Some of the corrupted leaders have hidden the goods (government rice and oil) in their home and ponds. These dishonest political leaders were trying to steal goods which were meant to be given to the poor people in this crisis moment. Therefore, the common people are losing their confidence and trust in the leaders of the political party. 

In some cases, police and army go to the remote areas to provide goods to the poor. 

Famine & Recession 
Lack of fair distribution can cause famine, according to Amartya Kumar Sen, Nobel Prize winner in Economics. The government must try hard to check the proper utilization of corps production and its distribution. 

Political Donation & Distribution and Publicity 
Some leaders make donation and provide goods to their party members. In this crisis, they also maintain patron-client relationship. Some politicians also make donation for the sake of publicity and photo session. 

Crime & Violence 
If people are gone hungry, they might be desperate. They can do violence and crime (killing, theft, robbery) can be increased. 

Political Benefits 
Some special hospitals have been built to treat very important persons (VIP), wealth people, and politicians. The mass people can be deprived of medical facilities. 

Cyber Security & Hacking 
Nowadays, government officials are doing their jobs with online platform (conference calls via Zoom, Skype, Facebook messenger, mobile calling or texts). Sensitive information, meeting agenda, of a country/ the leaders or their relatives can be licked worldwide. 

What is happening in your country? 


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