Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Transcripts & Certificates: How to Collect Main Copies and Attested Copies from Your Educational Institutes

Transcripts (Mark Sheets), Certificates (Diploma): Getting Main Copies & Attested Copies from Your Educational Institutes in Bangladesh
Collecting certificates and transcripts are the long term system and attestation process is a time-consuming process. So, you should take your steps in advance.

1/ the University
Main copies, photocopies or additional copies of University/ college certificates and transcripts must be collected and/or verified by the University Registrar.

In case of the University of Dhaka (DU) Bangladesh, one has to pay BDT 50 for each page in Room 305 of the Registrar building and usually within 1/2 days, verified copies will be available.

2/ Education board
The main copy of your SSC and HSC certificate and transcript, and at least 3 sets of photocopies or additional copies should be verified by the respective board. It usually takes one week or more.

3/ Ministry of Education
Later, the certificates and transcripts of your university, college (HSC) and school (SSC) need to be sent to the Secretariat and submitted to the Education Ministry's desk (probably no. 9 desk) to attest the main, photocopies or additional copies. It does not cost any money from there and all the authenticated documents will be returned after one day.

4/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Finally, all the documents are to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and an additional copy of all documents have to be submitted to the Ministry. Depending on the number of documents you are giving, the Ministry will take time. In many cases, it takes 20/25 days.

Notarized documents  
However, some universities or scholarship committees may ask to send hardcopy with notaries. In the case, documents are to be certified by a notary public (with a lawyer). Notary in Bangladesh can cost BDT 5-15.  

The writer is Mahmudul Hassan (Soyeb), Erasmus Mundus Scholar (2018-20)


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