Sunday, 16 February 2020

A Teacher Who Fights against Climate Change & Covid 19

A Teacher Who Combats Climate Change and Works for SDGs

Have you ever heard planting trees is a requirement for submitting reports or assignments? A university teacher is doing this to add an environment-friendly mechanism in education for sustainable development.

Shoukot Ali in the middle

The teacher is Shoukot Ali who works as a lecturer at the Department of Development Studies of Daffodil International University - DIU (a private university in Bangladesh). Mr Ali teaches courses: Socio-Economics and Development; Bangladesh Studies and Sustainable Development in different departments.

“As a faculty of the Department of Development Studies, I teach SDGs and I want to involve myself to implement the goals”, says Shoukot Ali.

He gives his students assignments that are very creative and innovative and students are happy and satisfied to finish their assignments. Students are required to plant trees for submitting reports or assignments. He also advises the students to grow vegetables and fruit trees. Moreover, as part of his awareness campaign, students are also given trees, lemons, and Hand Wash as prizes.

Because of his motivation and inspiration, some of his students have already gone to the refugee camp to give money to the Rohingya. They also involve with winter clothes distribution to the poor.

Although he is a full-time lecturer and active volunteer, he spends time developing entrepreneurship.


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