Friday, 28 February 2020

BCS & Bank Written Questions Patterns & Suggestions for Economy Chapter

Frequently Asked BCS & Bank Written Questions on Economy, Economic Development Chapter

Suggestions for Upcoming Competitive Exams (Bangladesh Affairs)
# Explain the nature of Bangladesh's economy with recent data.

# Discuss the historical background of Bangladesh’s economy.

# Analyze the recent economic trends in Bangladesh.

# What do you know about the “bottomless basket”? How does Bangladesh move From 'Bottomless Basket' to Developing Nation/ vibrant economy/ Basket of Wonders/ basket of food/ The Emerging Tiger of Asia?

‘Bangladesh is no longer bottomless basket’ – explain the statement with Bangladesh’s growth story.

# What do you know about Bangladesh’s growing/booming/ rocketing economy?

# Define Blue economy. Discuss the strength and weakness of Bangladesh’s economy.

# How does coronavirus affect the economy/industry of a developing country like Bangladesh?

# Discuss the role/ functions of the planning commission in Bangladesh.

# Discuss the role/ functions of Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) or NEC.

# Briefly discuss the Annual Budget Preparation Process in Bangladesh.

# Describe the major problems or issues in Bangladesh’s economy with the best possible solutions/ measures for economic development.

#What is Gig Economy? How will we want to see Bangladesh in 2021/ 2041?

#Briefly discuss the key financial organizations involved in the budget-making process in Bangladesh.

# Suppose you are the finance minister of Bangladesh. What kinds of plans will you undertake to develop the country?

#How can good governance ensure economic development in Bangladesh?

#How can e-governance/ digitalization ensure economic development in Bangladesh?


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