Friday, 24 January 2020

Vote For Me and I Will Destroy You

Vote For Me and I Will Destroy You Gradually
Dear chickens,
I am one of the foxes competing in the election and I am a candidate in your area. Vote for me, please!

My promises are very simple and common. For instance:  
>>>  Stealing your money (in various ways) will be my sole motto. If I cannot, taxes and fees will be increased multiplied ways in the name of development.

>>> Opportunities will be given to my own people only.

>>> Power will be exercised by my party men.

>>> I will definitely corrupt me.

>>> You will be manipulated in several ways.

>>> You people will be divided into different sects so that I can dominate you precisely. 

>>> My family members will not be kept in the area and I will take my family members to the developed countries for education and permanent residency. 

>>> The ancestors’ glory will be praised but I won’t think about present problems and future challenges.

>>> If I need more money, gold or oil, there will be conflicts in the Middle East. 

>>> I will promote global peace through arms dealings and wars. 

>>> I will do whatever I want to.

With your support, I can legitimately cripple the country and get you free tickets to the hell. After all, I am honest and I am telling the truth.

My name is Adolf W. Trump and please cast vote me.

Make the Foolishtan fool again!


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