Sunday, 20 May 2018

Are We Safe in The Digital World?

In the digital world, an increasing number of people use technological devices and software. People use smartphones, tablets, laptops for day to day tasks. Technology gives us many fruits but it has costs which we don’t know.

The Digital World and cyber-security

Some software/apps have the access to collect your private information. Your laptop/ mobile camera can be turned on remotely by some apps to take pictures. Moreover, your information is not safe on the internet (especially in social media). For examples,

Google records the search pattern and therefore our behaviour. Google map knows our movement. Gmail knows your emails and your connections.

Facebook cannot guarantee data protection.  There are thousands of apps that can access people's friends' data. There are some allegations that Facebook sells the user’s picture to the third parties.

Actually, we don’t use their service for free and our information is valuable to the service provider like Google, Bing, Facebook etc. They use our data for their business purposes. 

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It is a matter of great sorrow that we don’t have to face hacking because we are in a vulnerable situation. Third-party apps can easily get our information. Cybersecurity, data protection and awareness need more attention for all of us.  

 So what do you think? Is our information safe? Will our data be protected by some angels?

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