Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Functions of a Modern Government

There are 3 major activities in a government through which the will of the general people come into reality. These are the legislative, executive and judicial functions of the govt.

The three organs of a govt. are kept separate to stop the abuse of power. Checks & balances refer to the authority each organ has to “check” (monitor) the other organs and ensure a balance of power. According to Montesquieu, liberty is effectively protected by the separation of powers.

The government is one of the 4 parts of a state and other 3 elements are land, population and sovereignty. Our government has three branches to run the state properly.

A.  Legislature/ Parliament/ Jatiya Sangsad
1        1. Representing mass people in the parliament
2        2. Lawmaking and modifying
          3. Taking policies and plans for the people
          4. Changing the constitution
          5. Budget discussion and finalization
          6. Checking the executive
          7. Accountability from MPs
          8. Debate the important issues in the parliament

B.  Executive/ Administration
         1. Implementing policies, laws etc.
         2. Protecting the country from foreign enemies.
         3. Maintain peace and security within the country.
         4.  Good relationship with foreign countries for sake of the country.
         5. Running day to day administration and works.
         6. Developing human resource by good education and better health facilities.
         7. Promoting trade with a business-friendly environment.
         8. Removing poverty.
         9. Reducing gender gap.
        10. Urban development.
        11. Agriculture and rural development
        12. Disaster management.
        13. Development Activities (Road construction)
        14. Relief
        15. Conducting fair election.

C.   Judiciary
1. Decide the cases
2. Interpretation of the laws
3. Guardian of the constitution
4. Custodian of fundamental rights
5. Protection of civil rights



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