Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Causes of Environmental Degradation & Pollution

Factors responsible for polluting our environment:

Social Factors
1. Population Problems
2. Poverty
3. Urbanization without planning
4. Violence & Drugs

Economic Factors
1. Unplanned industrialization & Market Failure
2. Agricultural Development
3. Transportation
4. Dam (Farakka Barrage & Tipaimukh Dam)
5. Coal-Fired Power Plants
6. Toxic Tanneries
7. Brickfield areas
8. Shrimp farming
Factors for Environmental  Pollution

Political & Administrative Factors
1. Giving less importance to the environmental issues.
2. Lack of knowledge on the impact of environmental pollution.
3. Limited initiative for tree plantation.
4. Lack of strong political will.
5. Lack of proper monitoring & implementation of environmental law.
6. Influential people and businessmen don’t follow the law.
7. Lack of awareness and seriousness among the general people.
8. Refugee problems
9. Wars
10. Nuclear testing


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