Saturday, 19 May 2018

Bangladesh: From Bottomless Basket to The Emerging Tiger of Asia

From LDCs to Developing Country
Reasons for the transformation:

# Social Development 

1. Social changes, starting with the empowerment of women

2. efforts by NGOs (Grameen Bank, BRAC & so on)

3. educating girls and giving women a greater voice, both in the household and the public sphere.

4. reductions in early deaths of infants, children and women in childbirth 

5. improvements in children’s health

6. Bangladeshis’ average life expectancy is increased.

7. Women are much more likely than men to spend money on their family’s health, education and meals, so child welfare rose.

8. An increased amount of educational institutions & hospitals

9. Big family-planning programme

10. Social Safety Net Programs

# Economic Development 

1. GDP: Bangladesh’s economy has grown at a rate of more than 6% for 6 consecutive years.
Per capita income: The per capita income rose to $1,610 in the FY 2016-17, according to BBS.
Poverty rate: 24.3% (BBS 2016)

2. Garment manufacturing industry (80% of workers in the textile industry are women.)

3. leather industry & Others

Cheap labour

Self-sufficient in Food

Electricity production

infrastructural development (Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project, Dhaka-Chittagong Four-Lane Highway, Bangladesh’s third seaport Payra at Kalapara of Patuakhali, flyovers, first metro rail (MRT line-6) service)

Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

# Political Development 

1. Budget allocations for development projects for MPs

2. An increased amount of women MPs in our parliament

3. Supporting grassroots initiatives

# Environmental Development  

1. Constitution article to preserve environment

2. Joining international treaty

3. Fund for climate change

# Technological Development  
Digital Bangladesh Initiatives

Training opportunities

fewer taxes, VATs in this sector

Bangabandhu-1 (first commercial satellite)

IT Parks,

ICT industry

Mobile Banking 

Bangladesh is now eligible for UN 'developing country' status.



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