Monday, 9 April 2018

Major Urban Problems and Its Solution

We can take following measures to minimize our urban problems in the cities.

Traffic Jam
# Double-decker bus: We need many double-decker buses for the increased population. It will reduce the pressure of a huge number of cars and single-decker buses. Consequently, it will remove our traffic jam.

# Footpath: Cities require footpaths for walking.

# More Buses: For schools, colleges, universities, and offices, it should be made mandatory for the authority of institutions to give their students and employees enough buses for their movement.   

# Major competitive tests in 8 divisions: exams (Banks and other govt. jobs) should be held in the respective divisions so that students in Rangpur, for example, can sit for the exam in their division. As a result, there will be less traffic pressure on Dhaka city.

# Quick road repair/ construction: Road construction and repairing activities should be done quickly.  

# Focus on railways and waterways: these modes of transportation are comfortable and cost-effective. Trains and ships can carry a lot of people at a time.

# Cycling: Cycling should be encouraged and it is pollution free and healthy.

Balanced Development in Administration
# Comprehensive plan & effective policy for planned urbanization
# Coordination in Development activities (Umbrella initiatives)
# Decentralization
# Technology for everybody
# Rural development
# Entrepreneurship
# Good Governance

# Awareness raising among us
# Improved technology (for polluting factories, sustainable development)
# Law implementation
# Common sense
# Trees in building
# Solar panel in buildings

# Proper education for both boys and girls
# Effective law implementation
# Volunteer activities


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