Friday, 13 April 2018

Is Our Future Generation Rajakar?

Is our future generation Rajakar or something like this? What will be your answer?
They are actually the light bearer of Bangladesh. We cannot make them fool and we shouldn't (Some of the key leaders of the movement are from Bangladesh Students League, Central Committee!).  

The young generation is against the discriminatory quota system in govt. but they are not against the liberation war or freedom fighters.  

Is 30% FF quota privilege only way to repay the contribution of freedom fighters? Did they fight for these benefits? However, freedom fighters and their families get different types of benefits (& privileges) and quote in govt. job is one of them.

General students don't come in street to reduce FF benefits. They are now protesting and willing to bleed for justice. They want to participate in the government to serve the nation. There are several reasons for controversy in the freedom fighters (FF) quota.

# We have seen in the newspaper report that many people are still working in the public service with fake FF certificate.  A lot of people are taking freedom fighter certificates by giving bribe and some real freedom fighters don’t have the certificate.

# The number of freedom fighters is increasing day by day! How? Why?

# Some of the freedom fighter families are really rich.

# After 47 years, the question for the validity of the FF quota has risen. Now their grandchildren are getting quota.

If the quota system is good enough, the government should keep this system in our cabinet and the parliament.

When it comes to job or service, it must be on the basis of meritocracy. We cannot stand and make our country great without these meritorious students.

Women get 10% quota in public service but they continuously take part in this movement. If we convict our future generation, it will be our politicians’ grave mistakes.

They demand quota reform and not abolishment but our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today announced to remove all sorts of quotas in the government jobs.


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