Friday, 23 March 2018

What Should Be Done to Make Digital Bangladesh Initiatives Successful?

What Can Be Done to Make Bangladesh More Digital?

# Developing ICT infrastructure quickly.

# Ensuring well educated & trained manpower.

# Giving meritorious and poor students scholarship to learn and finish their study.

# Empowering students to start a new company on their own.

# Students should be taught more ICT, English, Bangladesh related (practical) knowledge.

# Providing sufficient power supply regularly

# Proper practice of ICT policy

# Creating eagerness of politicians and civil servants through change management process to develop a proactive attitude toward modern technology.

# Ensuring good prizes for innovation.

# Monitor programs projects closely to remove corruption and make the government’s initiative effective & efficient.

# Placing the Right man in the right place (effective leadership quality)

# Without English language skill, we cannot handle computer and/ or will not study English written books properly. So we should learn advanced English.

Our government has a strong intention to build digital Bangladesh. However, these positive initiatives will not be successful without good governance.


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