Tuesday, 20 March 2018

SWOT Analysis for IT/ Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh

SWOT Analysis 

- Good amount of customers/ users 
- A good number of energetic youth
- Lots of ICT/CSE/ETE/EEE graduates from our universities
- People’s involvement 
- 4G networks & upgrading! 

- Lack of skilled manpower
- Corruption
- Limited power (electricity)
- Products/Service comparatively high price
- Limited network coverage
- Poor economic background
- Lack of proper monitoring

- Digital Bangladesh Initiative
- Govt. willingness
- Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
- Telecoms friendly regulatory or fiscal reforms (Exemptions from tax, VAT)
- Reducing broadband wholesale prices
- Expanding Valued Added Services (VAS): Mobile Banking, M-Health and M/ E-Commerce
- Infrastructure sharing among telecom companies. 
- Telecoms companies are expanding their services.
- Sources of government income.
- Job creation
- Establishing a strong corporate culture in Bangladesh.
- Creating opportunities for other business.

- Political Instability
- Excessive competition
- Increasing number of foreign people are joining these companies.
- Meritorious students don’t return home.
- Ignoring rural areas

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