Friday, 23 March 2018

Govt. Initiatives for Rural Development in Bangladesh

What is our Bangladesh government doing to develop the agriculture sector and improve rural life?   

# Regular budget allocation for the agriculture sector

# Social Safety Net Programs (SSNP): Food for Works (FFW), Cash for Work (CFW), Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF), Open Market Sales (OMS), Old-age allowances, Allowances for retarded people, Allowances for widow and distressed women, Grants for orphanages. Gratuitous Relief (GR) etc.

# Increased subsidy on agricultural inputs (Fertilizer, diesel, electricity, seeds)

# Digitalization in rural areas (UDC, MMC) for better service

# Increasing health facilities in rural areas.

# Developing education facilities in rural areas.

# Better communication & transports (building Padma bridge)

# Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar (One House One Farm) Project

# Char Livelihood Project-2

# Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP)

# Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB)

# Rural Housing (modern housing) Scheme,

# Economic Empowerment of the Poorest (EEP),

# Extension Program of Milk Vita,

# Construction of Bangabandhu Academy for Poverty Alleviation and Rural 

# Facilitating NGOs

# Establishing agriculture universities & colleges

# Encouraging women's participation in agriculture

# Invention of the genome sequence of Jute (discovered by Bangladeshi scientists)

# Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)

# The Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD)

# Addressing the adverse effects of Climate Change through different projects.

# Farmers database and Farmers Inputs Support Card  

# Farmer friendly agricultural credit policy

# Bank accounts for farmers

# Rural Development and Co-operatives Division under The Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives


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