A Brief History of Bangladesh

From Language Movement to Liberation War (1947 - 1971)

After getting independence from British (1947), Pakistani rulers started their discriminatory behaviour with its part East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Bangladeshi people had to fight to keep the desired place for their mother tongue (Bangla language). They gave blood for their mother language and Pakistani rulers were bound to make Bangla as a state language along with Urdu.
A Brief History of Bangladesh

Language movement had a tremendous consequence and it helped our people gain political knowledge and experiences. Furthermore, it built a foundation for future movements, elections and the liberation war. Major incidents after the language movement are following:

1954: There was an election held in East Pakistan and the United Front (composed of 4 parties of East Pakistan - Awami League, Krishak Sramik Party, Nizam-e-Islam & Ganatantri Dal) won a landslide victory against the ruling Muslim League.

1966: The historic Six-Point Demand was declared by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for the autonomy of East Pakistan.

1968-69: The popularity of the 6-point movement evoked Ayub Khan to implicate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (35 accused) in the Agartala Conspiracy case (State vs. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others). However, an anti-Ayub mass movement in late 1968 and early 1969 forced to the withdrawal of the case and unconditional release of Bangabandhu. Due to mass protest and political pressure in 1969, Ayub Khan handed power to the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army, General Yahya Khan.

1970: The Pakistani general election (1st general election) was held in 1970. Awami League won an absolute majority of 160 seats in the National Assembly. It was a time for Awami league to form the government in Pakistan.

1971: However, the then elite rulers of Pakistan did not want a party from East Pakistan in government. They plotted against them and started a war against unarmed people in East Pakistan to banish their dream. But the war ultimately led to the birth of a new state on the world map.

We endured unbearable tortured for 23 years. We achieved our victory through the liberation war on December 16, 1971.

Long live Bangladesh. 


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