Thursday, 18 January 2018

Do I Have to Take Nude Picture or Videos?

There are some issues which make me confused? Am I smart or some people are so stupid? There are so many news, reports, incidents of blackmailing girls, harassing girls with their private picture or videos. These things are repeatedly repeated! And they continually continue:

1)    sharing nude contents on social media,
2)    taking and keeping naked pictures & videos on smartphone/ computer,
3)    sending naked pictures to the boyfriend

The price of common sense – 

>>> What do you think of your boyfriend? Is he an angel? He will show your private pictures or videos to their friends. He may keep those contents to blackmail you in future. He can force you to give him money or other things you do not want to do. So you have to be careful. Or your boyfriend can be changed! Haven’t you heard the incident of actress Prova?

>>> Your husband or partner may be faithful to you but their phone/ laptop can be stolen or hacked. The thief or hacker can leak your pictures. That is the reason you must not keep your private pictures and videos on your mobile phone. You may sell your old phone but there are some software that can recollect your deleted photos.

>>> Mobile apps take your content from your mobile and you will never know. We accept apps’ terms and conditions blindly when we install any application on our smartphone.

>>> Don't go nude in skype/ imo chats because it can be recorded. Notorious people are everywhere to upload your videos or pictures on indecent websites.

We have to think about it. One silly mistake can ruin our jolly life.

Please share your opinion in comments. Your thoughts are valuable to us. 


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