Sunday, 29 March 2015

BCS Written Syllabus - English

(For both General and Technical/Professional Cadres)
Total Marks-200

1. Reading Comprehension
An unseen passage dealing with a topic relevant to our times will be set. Candidates will be required to answer

(a) a number of thematic questions that will test their understanding of the passage (30 marks),
(b) a number of questions related to grammar and usage. (30 marks)

2. Candidates will be required to write a summary of the given passage in their own words within 100 words. (20 marks)

3. Candidates will have to write a letter relating to the thematic issue of the given passage to the editor of an English newspaper. (20 marks)

1. Candidates will be required to compose an essay on a topic related to an issue of topical relevance.
The essay must conform to the word limit set and must convey a candidate’s ability to express his or her ideas clearly and correctly in English as well as reflect and analyze a topic of contemporary interest. (50 marks)

2. Translation from English into Bangla and Bangla into English
Candidates will be required to translate a short passage from Bangla into English and another from English into Bangla. (25+25=50 marks)


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